HOKORD is an R&D company, providing full product’s life-cycle support service for companies from different industries.

The strategic focus of HOKORD is organising high-quality professional technical support and assistance in the development of new products, its scaling, quality control, copy protection and other creative development.

HOKORD is represented by a highly-experienced team of engineers working in the sphere of the innovations research and businesses’  technological development for more than eight years.

HOKORD successfully developed more than several dozen projects on the support and technical auditing of products, devices in various industries and elaboration of testing methodologies and equipment manufacturing.


New Product development for a startup company. Implemented by Hokord. Crowdfunded by Kickstarter.

Technology research & development and prototyping for a startup. Specification development for mass production.

A machine for testing and devices analysis development. R&D services from scratch for leading equipment provider.

We designed the precise product specification, considering the requirements and the technical capabilities of the manufacturer


We have recently published an original research on the effect of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine ratio in e-liquid in the Addictology Journal.

Addictology is an international journal devoted to publishing peer-reviewed and transdisciplinary scientific report on psychoactive substance use, other behavioral addictions and related issues.

The aim of the article was to provide a description of the composition of the e-liquid base and its impact on the physical properties of the liquid used and the behaviour of the aerosol generated and particles separately.


We are keen to identify technological trends at an early stage and possess cutting-edge methods and innovation management processes that are industry benchmarks.

We have extraordinary technological and innovative strengths that are showcased by the products and solutions developed. Hokord’s highly qualified development and process engineers dedicate their minds and resources to develop creative engineering solutions.

We work closely with startups, developing bespoke solutions that include prototyping, validating, and manufacturing globally.


Bring Hokord’s expertise to design breakthrough solutions, and unlock new growth opportunities for your business.