Inspired by the sizzling exhibition in Argentina hosted by the exhibition center La Rural on November 04-06, 2022, we are delighted to share our impressions of one of the most important and largest events in the cannabis industry. 

Our team demonstrated Hokord’s products on an exclusive stage along with most prestigious speakers, hundreds of international companies and various brands. Our company has carried out a good promotional activity for the product variety in its arsenal. The visitors and exhibitors paid due attention to the high quality and uniqueness of the designs of the products offered. All the products were presented in printed materials to deliver more information about the product specifications and were available for testing as well. This allowed us to gain a wider customer audience and to get some positive feedback from the visitors.

Diverse range of activities allowed to participate in different workshops and consultations for professionals, particularly on cannabis cultivation and extractions. We gained valuable contacts with the most important people in the sector, acquired an incredibly innovative vision and enjoyed the new reality of cannabis in the world.

And traditionally, a brief photo report to see how it was. Don`t forget to follow us to see even more!