The HOKORD team provides a full package of services to support and manage the startup project in each of its business processes or life cycle stages. All services are highly personalized and tailored to the specifics of the startup project:


When a startup team  has only a product hypothesis and cannot clearly estimate market demand and competitive characteristics, it’s time to use HOKORD’s prototyping and industrial design services. Our team of engineers will help to organize prototyping and industrial design, which can help with the following tasks for a startup team:

– prototyping of devices on a turn-key basis;
– production of parts and components from metal, plastic, silicone, etc.;
– 3D printing of parts and components on SLA and FDM printers.


For startup teams, who  have already developed new product samples, HOKORD offers special services to estimate commercial potential in selected markets, which include in-depth study of the target consumer group preferences, product’s technical testing, and assessing its ergonomics, benchmarking of the competitive position of the innovative product:

– an in-depth and comprehensive feasibility study of the strengths and weaknesses of the new product;
– understanding of real and prospective points of growth and points of formation of problems of operation of a new product and possible ways of refinement through industrial design tools;
– attracting funding for product development and improvement through invitations to participate in development and testing as well as prototype testing;
– customer base development for the new product and development  of product life cycle scenarios, taking into account a SWOT analysis.


For mature startup projects with the formed product, marketing, and manufacturing strategy HOKORD offers a special pack of services for organizing an effective manufacturing business model. It includes:

–  one-stop procurement process solution (sourcing, negotiating, and shipping products from reliable suppliers and owners of production facilities);
– specification development;
– Quality Control (QС) and Quality Assurance (QA) support;
– additional testing services for mass production products conducted by our partner accredited laboratories;
– IP protection. Product certification and patenting.


Bring Hokord’s expertise to design breakthrough solutions, and unlock new growth opportunities for your business.