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Startup teams and their innovative projects are the driving force of scientific and technological progress in the world. 

The HOKORD team provides a full package of services to support and manage a startup project in trust for each of its business processes or life cycle stages. All services are highly personalized and tailored to the specifics of the startup project (for example, market research, patent intelligence, and R&D services, technology audit, and expertise).

Models of startup teams support and management:

1. Prototyping and industrial designing – when a startup team only has the product hypothesis and can’t clearly estimate market demand and competitive characteristics, it’s time to use HOKORD’s service for prototyping and industrial designing. Our team of engineers will help to organize prototyping and industrial designing, that can help next tasks for startup team:

– an in-depth and comprehensive study of the strengths and weaknesses of the new product;

– understanding of real and prospective points of growth and points of formation of problems of operation of a new product and possible ways of improvement through industrial design tools;

– attracting stakeholders’ interest (rare – investment) in product development and improvement by conducting focus group interviews, invitations to participate in development and testing, and prototype testing;

– сreating a knowledge base of customers of a new product and development of scenarios of the product life cycle, taking into account its strengths and weaknesses

2. MPV high-speed testing – for startup teams, who already have working new product samples, HOKORD suggests special service to estimate commercial potential on the chosen markets, which includes deep-learning of the target consumers’ group preferences, product’s technical testing, and assessing its ergonomics, benchmarking the competitive position of an innovative product.

3. Production engineering and comprehensive technical support – for matured startup projects with the formed product and manufacturing strategy HOKORD suggests a special pack of services for organizing an effective manufacturing business model. It includes: 

– search and negotiate with suppliers, owners of production facilities;

– сreating requirements specification;

– the Quality Control (QС) and Quality Assurance (QA) support;

– providing the service of our own accredited laboratory for industrial product testing;

– product certification advice

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