HTP Testing


HOKORD is an R&D company, providing a full product’s life-cycle support service for companies from different industries. 

One of our laboratories has been engaged in professional in-depth testing services for the next-generation inhalable vapor generating devices (EHTs, HTPs, ENDS, and many more) since their introduction to the market. We have been working on innovative solutions in the HTP industry for over 10 years. We recognize your business needs and are ready to adjust our development or refinement methods depending on test results, client intent or resources.



One of our values is to test existing products by providing comprehensive, high-end analysis and development services.


Our equipment allows us to carry out detailed technical analyses of heated products from different manufacturers.


We provide a complete report on a variety of parameters. In addition, we offer customized analytical reports on trends and insights.

Special equipment and own methodologies bank developed by the HOKORD team intends to solve most issues connected with EHS and heated products:

  • understanding how close certain parameters are to a the conditional norm or a gold standard, since there is almost no public knowledge base and reference data;
  • multi-parametric performance comparison of features with competitors;
  • claimed/factual cross-platform compatibility of heated products;
  • reference or required parameters for designing appropriate heated products for an electrically heated system and vice versa, devices and consumables developed by various companies;
  • QC issues;
  • correlation between performance indicators and the level of organoleptic satisfaction of end users.

To this end, we are ready to satisfy your request for researching competitors’ HTP by means of ordering, delivering and conducting technical studies.performing technical studies.

We value privacy and respect the individuality of each client, ensuring a personal approach and offering the right and creative the right and creative solutions.


Bring Hokord’s expertise to design breakthrough solutions, and unlock new growth opportunities for your business.