New Product Development is all about managing the lifecycle of a new product or service, which is responsible for the process of transforming an idea into a product that meets market demands. We are eager to provide such a service, moreover we take pride in our innovation capabilities. Right now, we can provide customers with some groundbreaking innovations that can potentially change the business landscape in several industries.


The HOKORD team is flexible and open-minded. We have more than eight years of experience working with various methodologies. We know how to use their advantages and avoid their disadvantages to successfully bring your product to the mass market. What’s crucial to us, however, is our customer-centric approach, which makes us flexible and agile. Check out our primary approaches:m is flexible and open-minded. We have more than eight years of experience working with various methodologies. We know how to use their advantages and avoid the minuses to get your product to the mass market successfully. However, the crucial approach for us is a client-centric approach making us flexible and agile. Check out our primary approaches:


This is  a methodology for managing the life cycle of a product from development to disposal after use. The peculiarity of the methodology is the detailed analysis of all life stages of the developed product. The profitable stage is the sales stages while all others are accounted for as expenditures (investments). The use of this methodology is characteristic primarily of fundamental innovations, which are generally prerequisites for future technological revolutions. Products developed using this methodology are characterized by a long life cycle of presence on the market.


This is a methodology with a focus on the development stage. This methodology consists of a strict product development flow:

the analysis of customer requirements;

the specifics of future markets of the new product;

the formation of terms of reference, conceptual design of a new product;

implementation of a pilot version of the product (creating a prototype with characteristics as close as possible to the final product),
testing the prototype;

prototype integration into production (launching into mass production);

support (support of the product after its release).


This is the methodology based on short iterations between working groups of specialists of different profiles to jointly define the requirements for new product development and dynamically revise and adjust them if necessary.
A feature of the methodology is the breakdown of the entire  development of a new product into three main stages:
– MVP development and its presentation to the customer or a specially formed team of expert evaluators;
– Customer development – ensuring iterative interaction between the development team and customers on customer perception analysis, testing of business models and sales channels of the MPV product, as well as conducting its further development and improvement;
– User Experience (UX) – ensuring sustained communication between users and the development team to collect and study user perception and reaction when in use and/or about to use.


HOKORD is a highly qualified and well-experienced team with more than eight years of R&D experience and new product development. We cooperate with renowned high-tech companies worldwide. Our internationally certified laboratory and manufacturing facilities allow us to provide our customers with the following services:


Industrial design, engineering, and process consulting services throughout the new product development


Post-production support services


Prototyping and test production services for new products

Mass Production

Assistance in setting up mass production (suppliers and production facilities sourcing, mediation negotiations, technical specifications development, and design documentation, QA, shipment)

IP Protection

R&D research and patent research with the preparation of analytical reports


Bring Hokord’s expertise to design breakthrough solutions, and unlock new growth opportunities for your business.