The production of an innovative product is the final stage of new product development, which requires not only the close attention of the product owner but also a thorough industrial audit of the following issues:

– development and verification of technical specifications shall be submitted to the owner of the production facility for compliance with the specification and requirements of the customer ;
– selection of the manufacturer;
– analysis of compliance of the selected production facilities with the technical specifications.


Non-compliance with specifications is one of the most common problems for any manager and product manufacturer. Therefore, it is important to understand that the more detailed the specification, the better the result and the less time it will take to rework or correct shortcomings.
The best option is to involve an experienced professional who has experience working with manufacturers and understands the subject matter according to specifications.
Before you begin any product development, you should create an accurate specification and then make sure that the development is done in accordance with it. If the final product does not conform to the specification, it may not function properly or may sometimes be unpredictable.


When choosing a manufacturer, you must first pay attention to the main parameters: be sure to check the reviews, pay attention to the rating, how long the manufacturer is on the market, and its production capacity.
You should also pay attention to the organization of quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) processes. Whether there are ones in the manufacturer at all, how QA is carried out, how detailed reports or pictures will be provided to you, how often you can contact the engineers.
At first glance, it may seem that QC and QA are the same, since both professions are connected with quality. But in fact, QA is all about the production process and making sure that all processes are running strictly according to the rules and on time. Quality assurance is meant to check the outcome, how the product is made and whether it meets specifications.
If the manufacturer does not have such specialists, or they are not suitable for you for some reason, you will have to find them and hire them separately.


Together with the manufacturer, you will need quality control, quality assurance specialists, analytical specialists to draw up specifications. You will also most likely need an agent who will help with all the paperwork, obtaining certificates, and being responsible for logistics. Since manufacturers devote all their efforts to production, they don’t have time to organize processes, such as shipping and delivery to other parts of the world.
Once a product has been manufactured, it must be tested. This requires a full-fledged laboratory with a wide range of services. Laboratories check products for safety, comply with certain quality standards, and provide analytical data on product quality.



HOKORD has all the necessary engineers for quality control and production, who will regularly visit the factory to ensure that the development is carried out on time and according to specification. With more than eight years of experience, we have established numerous production partnerships and our managers can find the perfect fit for you according to your requirements.


HOKORD has laboratories in China and the EU to provide customers with a full range of services from sourcing to testing and delivery of stock.


HOKORD is ready to take the hassle of finding Chinese manufacturers, establishing good partnerships, and finding QA, QC agents, and other specialists. We offer favorable terms of cooperation to find the right specialist. If you need to manufacture something from scratch, modify or test a ready-made sample, it doesn’t matter what stage of development your product is at.


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