HOKORD  offers startup teams, product managers of mature businesses, and investors in innovative projects in-house prototyping and design for manufacturing (DFM) with the full support of a team of highly qualified engineers, industrial designers, and QA/QC consultants at all stages of prototyping.

The crucial HOKORD prototyping services and their brief characteristic are listed below:

– User interface design – to ensure the commercial success of a new product, it is necessary to ensure that it corresponds to users’ ideas about ergonomics and intuitive interactivity. The team of industrial designers is ready to solve even the most complex and non-standard tasks to form the most complete visual conformity of the prototype to the final product. The list of tasks includes designer’s services, graphic design of user interface, testing ergonomics of its individual functional and informational elements.

– Creation of static models – for quality and error-free prototyping processes it is necessary to develop a static model, in which our specialists demonstrate to the customer the main functional characteristics of the solution and interaction between the system modules. The static model is created by the engineering department team in the format of sketches and drawings, with detailed comments and expert assessment of possible errors or weaknesses of a future prototype.

– Creation of dynamic prototypes – in order to test various scenarios of the behavior of a prototype in real operation conditions, it is necessary to reproduce its twin, which will be used for tests and tests for compliance with quality and safety requirements. A team of industrial engineers provides services for creating a dynamic prototype – an interactive dynamic model of the future end product.


Own production facilities

Own production facilities for industrial prototyping at the HOKORD R&D Center has the best technical tools and instruments located in the same building as the industrial design department. This allows not only to reduce time expenditures on the transfer of design and engineering documentation, but also to level out risks of information leakage. The customer receives a full package of prototyping services at one location.


The team of industrial prototyping uses the DFM (Design For Manufacturing) methodology – in HOKORD R&D center the specialists are strictly focused on the final stage of prototyping – the start of industrial production. This necessitates collecting and analyzing information about the design and technological capabilities of the production line before the start of design work thus minimizing the customer’s risk of production.

Flexible personnel policy

HOKORD R&D center management seeks to speak the same language as the customer,so we are always open to changes in the format of work when developing a new product. Our industrial design and engineering specialists , as well as product managers, are always ready to choose the appropriate project management standard or use non-standard tools for forming teams (outsourcing, outstaffing, personnel leasing).

Consulting and support

For us, there are no ex-clients. Our specialists are ready to help you support your new product after its launch into production. Services are offered to prepare production specifications and pass the certification, reengineering the product at the end of its lifecycle.

Training and analytics

HOKORD R&D Center has its own scientific and technical library and knowledge base of industrial design, engineering, and intellectual property rights protection. We believe that intellectual capital is a real commercial value, and we offer our customers special training programs and courses in product development, prototyping, and IP (intellectual protection).


Bring Hokord’s expertise to design breakthrough solutions, and unlock new growth opportunities for your business.