New Product Development

Development of a product is always in-depth research of what is already presented in the market to give a product the characteristics that provide it with more competitive properties.

Next Generation Product Development

A new generation product is a product that opens up new horizons for a company, industry and the market as a whole. This product is able to offer the world something more than it has now.


Hokord’s experience, available premises, and material base allow our customers to quickly deploy experimental stands to test their ideas or develop a product testing system upon your inquiry.


Possessing deep expertise and advanced skills, we perfectly fit in the projects of our clients and partners. Working together, we’re destined to reach success.

Product Manufacturing

Production is the most important stage in the lifecycle of a product. We assist in minimizing risks, reducing defects, and allowing to carry out a thorough inspection of the production.

IP Protection

To speed up the working processes, we established IP Department. Its main purpose is to encourage and protect the creation of a wide variety of intellectual goods based on customers’ projects.


Bring Hokord’s expertise to design breakthrough solutions, and unlock new growth opportunities for your business.