Analytical Vaping machine

Our own analytical vaping complex for performing different vapor related testing of vaporizer products. This Vaping Machine is the result of 3 years development by leading industry engineers.
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vaping machine analytical vaping complex by hokord limited
Analytical Vaping Complex (2 vaping modules and control board)

With this Vaping Complex could be tested:
Vapor density test
EMP test
Pressure drop test
Puff count test
Vapor collection for chemical tests

Suitable for testing of all types of vaporizer devices:
Pod systems
Disposable pens/pods


Puff volume10-150 ml
Puff quantity1-250
Puff time1-65000 ms
Pause between puffs1-65000 ms
ProductivityMin 20 puffs/min with 1 module
Max number of connected vaping modulesUp to 6
Storage conditions14° F to 140° F / -10° C to 60° C at 10% to 90%
relative humidity, non-condensing
Power SupplyPower input: 220-110V 7.0 A
Power output: 24v 25A
Connection typeWI-FI
Memory Storage32 GB (min)
Remote control interfaceWeb based (Windows OS)
DimensionsModule: 60x16x16 cm
Control Board: 46x11x32 cm

Video demonstration:

Universal Analytical Vaping Complex demo